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Linda Marie

  • Total Right Hip Replacement
Last week 6/29/23 and today 7/7/23. One week ago I ditched that nasty hip pain that I endured for several years that I can’t get back. I am looking forward only. Dr Dan gave me my life back. Next up is ditching these 4 wheel’s to the 4 hoofs of my beloved Boston . Dr Daniel T Weber the “hip guru” of the SW suburbs I can’t thank you enough. You and your team are unstoppable as I am now! Sincerely and Grateful Linda C ❤️☘️🐴

Tim F.

  • Treated Fractured Right Arm
In my opinion, Dr. Joy is an outstanding physician. This is my second experience with Dr. Joy. In both instances, he was kind, understanding and helpful. He went above and beyond to help me. When I injured my foot he referred me to a colleague for excellent treatment, and this time when I broke my arm, he took care of me for months. He helped me navigate my worker’s compensation paperwork. He also made sure that I had adequate physical therapy until I was fully healed. I would recommend Dr. Joy to anyone, especially those with a work related injury.

Ann H.

  • Shoulder joint replacement
I definitely would recommend Dr. Joy for shoulder surgery. He performed my shoulder joint replacement. He explained the procedure & post -op therapy. You get what you put in. Do your job to get your full range of motion back. I am now able to do all the things I love.

Kenneth T.

  • Full left shoulder replacement
Dr. Joy did an amazing job on my shoulder replacement surgery. After 6 months of physical therapy I have shoulder flexibility that I thought I would never recoup for being 70 years old. Dr. Joy provides the professionalism that makes the patient comfortable interacting with him. So thankful and grateful for his expertise.

dan zolnowski

  • replace rt. knee
Dr. Weber replaced my bone on bone rt. knee on 8-29-22 and did a great job. I went golfing on 11-2-22 . That says it all

Barry Quane

  • anterior hip relacement
I was referred to Dr. Weber by a friend after complaining about hip pain. Dr Weber diagnosed the problem and advised a hip replacement would solve my hip issues. After two consultations I decided on the surgery. Dr. Weber and his staff were extremely professional and guided me through the surgery with outstanding results. I was walking unassisted within 7 days and back to work as a truck driver within 7 weeks. It has now been over one year and i feel great without pain. spent the summer golfing and playing softball in an over 65 year mens league. Highly recommend Dr Weber and staff.

Tom V

  • right shoulder replacement
Dr Joy did a right shoulder replacement and it has been an excellent experience , this was my 11th surgery and dealt with many doctors along the way . Dr Joy is the real deal !!!!

Ann M. Filipiak

  • Total Knee Replacement, left knee
Dr Weber and his staff were very courteous and pleasant. He fully explained the procedure, answered all of my questions and I had complete confidence in him and his staff. The procedure, total knee replacement of the left knee, and subsequent therapy went very well and I am doing very well. I would recommend Dr Weber without hesitation.

Jim Gorman

  • Total Left Hip Replacement
I would highly recommend Dr. Daniel Weber for anyone, any age or from anywhere to perform Hip Replacement Surgery. Dr. Weber is very professional and will encourage questions and give you honest expectations. His staff is also Top Notch from office help, surgical planning, X-rays, and equally important post surgical follow up and management. Cindy O'Neill is extremely personable and an expert in post Surgical Procedures and Assessment. I could not recommend a Doctor and Staff more highly.

Jeff Z

  • Total Knee Replacements
Dr. Weber did my first Total knee Replacement in February 2021. I was well prepared by his co workers Cindy & George. Home same day , surgery staff 5 stars and I was up and moving the next day. Therapy went well. Was back to activities within 6mos. Still had another TKR to go. March 2022 second TKR. Up and moving and well prepared. Went from walker to cane within a short period. Days later was walking without cane. 4 weeks of therapy . Still keeping up with exercises. I’m in the middle of eighth week going fishing in my boat next week and putting and chipping hopefully will be golfing in another month. Met a few of Dr. Webers patients out and about while having conversations. We all say the same thing. Pleasant experience and worth having the procedure . Staff is 5 stars and very efficient with your time. I would recommend Dr. Weber and his staff! Good experience all around.

Mary W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ed Joy for many years and always received excellent care. So, when it was time to consider knee replacement, Dr. Joy referred me to Dr. Daniel Weber. We met in September of 2021 to go over my options. I had my right knee replaced in Nov. 2021 and started physical therapy on-site with Dan Lang. At the 4 week follow up, Dr. Weber agreed I could go ahead and schedule my left knee replacement for January. I had my left knee replaced on Jan. 25, 2022 and completed therapy in March. I am walking straight for the first time in years, and I feel much stronger. I have returned to the gym, the pool, and fitness classes. Thanks to Renee, George, Carly and Cindy I was well cared for. And I thank Kristen and Dan for keeping me laughing and moving. I miss all your smiling masked faces! The best moment is the day you wake up and realize you are no longer in pain. Thank you Dr. Weber - you truly are the best!

Daniel S.

  • Partial Knee Replacement
Over the winter of 2021 my left knee became painful and caused a limp and limited activity. I saw Dr. Weber in the spring with a diagnosis of arthritis. He explained the options and thought I would try the least invasive steroid injection. After a few days of relief, the pain was back and knew that the best option would be to have it replaced. Only one compartment was bone on bone so the plan was for a partial replacement. I waited until mid-November to have it done and had it drained several times over that time to get me by. Knowing now I would not have waited and had the surgery as soon as I could after injection. The entire process was explained in detail including post surgical expectations and recovery. Within two weeks I was free of pain and walking without an aid. Back in the gym in January with no pain or restriction. It has now been four months and continue to be normally active and pain free. Performed at Northwestern Palos Health, the entire team headed by Dr. Weber was outstanding. I am extremely pleased with the care received by Dr. Weber, Cindy, George including the office staff at Integrity.

Robert C. Friebel

  • Left Knee Full Replacement
Dr. Daniel Weber was very courteous, professional, and understanding both before and after my full left knee replacement. He offered good follow-up suggestions and continued rehab home exercises that could get the leg stronger and functioning to normal condition.

Vernita Claybrooks

  • Physical Therapy (hip replacement)
The Therapy is going good.


  • Total reverse shoulder replacement
Dr Joy and all of his staff were great during my total reverse shoulder replacement. They answered all my questions before and after surgery. I had very minimal pain during my first week or two after surgery and practically no pain after that. Additional thanks to Dr Joy’s physical therapist, Dan. He’s very patient and was in constant communication with Dr Joy on my progress. Thanks again for giving me back my range of motion with no pain!
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