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Paul S

  • Shoulder Replacement
Short review: Dr. Ed Joy did a terrific job. My left (non-dominant) shoulder was very compromised, likely from a college football injury years earlier. He thoroughly explained alternatives and I elected a full replacement. Dr. Joy did not "sugar-coat" the attendant challenges to regaining functionality. The surgery was successful. Rehabilitation was lengthy. However, Dr. Joy worked directly with me and my therapist (Dan Lang) to facilitate improving strength and range of motion. Because excess scar tissue had formed, Dr. Joy suggested a second "clean-up" surgery which was easy and substantially fixed the problem. Dr. Joy continued to provide insight into the rehab process. My expectations were high and fulfilled. Everything that I hoped to accomplish is available, including weight training, golf and pole vaulting. Not an easy experience but Dr. Joy was a "Difference-Maker." He is a top notch professional and I would highly recommend him.


  • Anterior Hip Replacement
Dr. Weber and his staff are wonderful. From my first visit to my last one they were considerate, professional and very compassionate. Both Dr. Weber and the staff explained everything to me, didn't rush at my appointments and listened to my concerns. I would highly recommend them as they are very professional as well as caring.

Raymond C.

  • Replaced right hip
A number of neighbors had told me how pleased they were with the results from Dr. Weber's work. I was a little scared at first but after meeting and talking with George and Dr. Weber I decided it was time to have my right hip replaced. The surgery went smoothly and I was walking and climbing stairs in only a few days. After a week there was no pain and I did all the exercises that I had been given to do. The scar healed up quickly and now I'm walking normally with no problems. My hip feels as good as it did when I was 20 although I am now 80.

Frank W.

  • Total Knee replacement
Dr. Weber performed a total knee replacement on my left knee the end of November 2020 . I had very little pain so my recovery time was very quick. He also performed a knee replacement for my wife over 10 ears ago and she doing wonderful. Thank you for making my quality of life better. Frank W.

Margaret Gornick

  • Anterior total hip replacement
Dr. Weber replaced my left hip ten years ago without any complications. That is why I chose him to operate and replace my right hip this year. I am glad to say also without any complications. I again was very pleased with the experience this time around. I will say that the nurse practioner was not as thorough as the physician's assistant George, with whom I worked with ten years ago. But still, my overall experience was great and I will continue to recommend Dr. Weber as I have for over ten years!

Catherine S.

  • Right hip replcement
It's been a year since my hip replacement surgery. Dr. Weber did a wonderful job and was very helpful and reassuring with some minor recovery issues I had. The most amazing part for me was being able to sit up straight, bend over and touch the floor and do things like weeding the garden that I had been unable to do for many years. Thank you Dr. Weber and your wonderful and helpful staff.

Joseph Schmidt

  • Shoulder replacement
Dr. Joy did a tremendous job he was very personable and professional, and he explained everything in language I could understand. His after-surgery care was exceptional, I can do things I have not been able to do in 40 years. I would recommend him to anyone, I can not thank him enough.

Darlene C.

  • Total right knee replacement
Two months ago Dr. Weber gave my right knee a total knee replacement. I am very happy with the results and back to walking two miles everyday. I will recommend Dr. Weber to other people, as that is how I chose him to do my surgery. Two friends had surgery done on their knees with Dr. Weber and said don't go anywhere else. I am so glad I made this choice to trust Dr. Weber with my surgery. Thanks also to Cindy, George, Dan and Kristyn.

Kathy S

  • torn rotator cuff
I would highly recommend Dr Joy as he did a great job once again on my rotator cuff tear. He did my other shoulder 5 years ago. I had PT with Dan the therapist there for 6 months. I have a good range of motion and movement. I am able to return to work with no restrictions. I'm grateful Dr Joy and Dan for the progress I have made. THANK YOU!!

Mike I.

  • replacement of my right shoulder
Dr. Joy was a pleasure to work with. He is caring and sensitive and does a great job. I would recommend him to anyone.

Brian P

  • Repair of torn Achilles Tendon
Dr. Joy, his PAs and nursing staff have been amazing from start to finish. From squeezing me into the schedule within a few days of my rupture, to walking me through my treatment options and possible outcomes, to tailoring recovery specifically to my lifestyle and athletic goals, I have always felt like I was in good hands. The staff has always been friendly and informative, and Dr Joy always made it a point to check in and explain the current stage of treatment or recovery, even if the visit was just to check stitches. More importantly than any of this my tendon repair was a success and every time I was in the office or called on the phone, I was treated as a living breathing person, with warmth and humanity.

Ann M.

  • Shoulder replacement
Dr. Edward Joy of integrityorthopedics replaced my shoulder. Before the surgery he and his staff took great care in answering all of my questions. The operation went extremely well and the after care I received in the following weeks from Dr. Joy was exceptional.

Kurt J

  • Hip Replacement
I called Dr. Webers office looking for a consult on a hip replacement. The saw me right away and within 3 weeks my hip was replaced and I was walking around without issues. The whole staff was wonderful to work with and took great care of me. Could not have been happier with the experience.
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